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Dust is a battle mage/exorcist of the Adamantine Arrow. He is a vigorous young man who already knows the Prime Arcanum very well and is very trained at handeling the Spirit Arcanum. Further is he capable of some Force Mage.
Dust tries to protect people as best as he can, which sometimes brings him into trouble with the Guardian of the Veil.
While he is in prime condition, training regularly on a daily basis, he tends to lack discipline in other areas, namely discipline towards his superiors. His strong sense of justice and charity often sets aside his awareness of the masquerade, which of course creates very different problems.
His outgoing and open personality was often abused in the past, but he has not lost faith in doing the right thing.
Aside from training and learning his main hobby is trying new stuff out, although he lacks enough resolve to finish something.
Dust has his parents living in a small town one hour away from his town as well as his older brother living as a Journalist with his girlfriend a few blocks further. He holds his family very dear, who know nothing about his “real” job.
As a mage who is not only capable of doing destruction but also very good in analyzing stuff, he is sometimes asked to help with his knowledge about the supernatural.
He works for the church as an "active advisor" meaning freelancing spiritual specialist and exorcist.
Towards friends he is somewhat intruding, showing up at their work places, asking to help and showing initiative for doing stuff together.

What is your character's moral code?
Protect people.

What are your character's likes and dislikes?
Doesn´t like rules so much. And traitors. Likes animals.

If your character could have any one law passed, what would it be?
Less laws, more freedom. But more education to help handling that freedom.

Why does your character have the name that he or she does?
Some destructive incidents in the past and his faible for a clean workspace has led to this name.

What would your character do if he/she suddenly became independently wealthy?

Who was the great love of your character's life?
Alexandra, a fellow mage, who vanished after a spirit attack. He still hopes to find her.

What was the nicest thing a stranger's ever done for your character?
When little, someone tried to abduct him, but a stranger intervened.

What is your character's favorite beverage?
Fresh pressed orange juice

Is your character a cat person, a dog person, or other?
Dust has an old husky named Brian, who most of the time sleeps in Dust´s bed. Ms. Cooper, his neighbour, sometimes takes care of Dust´s oldest friend.

What are your character's religious beliefs?
There is a god.

Where was your character born?

What is your character's greatest fear?
Not seeing Alexandra ever again.

What's the furthest west, east, north, and south in North America your character has been?
Guam and New York.

What is the most exotic place your character has been?

If your character could go anywhere in the world, where would he go? Why?
Any extreme and lonely place, like Antartica, or Sibiria.

Who were your characters parents?
Father: Tom McAlister, former Marine
Mother: Trishia McAlister, history not known. Keeps it as a secret.

Which parent does your character feel closer to, his mother or father?
Draws inspiration more from his mother.

The Future:
What are your character's short term goals?
Make himself a name in the spirit community and learn more about them.

What are your character's long term goals?
Finding Alexandra.

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